How Can I Print From My iPhone to My Canon Printer?

Iphone Printing Setup Canon Printer

iPhone is an iOS device, printing from it to a Canon Printer can be done in two manners:

1. With AirPrint
2. Without AirPrint

Printing on a Canon Printer with AirPrint

Print From iPhone to Canon Printer

This is the simplest way of printing from iPhone or any iOS device. The only requirement is AirPrint enabled Canon printer.

If the Canon printer supports AirPrint, then only – selecting print from the document on iPhone and choosing the Canon Printer will print the document

Printing on a Canon Printer without AirPrint

Most of the printers even though not AirPrint enabled, have their own app. So, if you are having a direct wireless access point and have downloaded your printer manufacturer’s app, you just need to switch on the network button on your printer and connect to the same network from your iPhone. Once done selecting the print would give you prints from the Canon Printer.

These are the ways in which you can take print from Canon Printer from an iPhone. If you are facing any difficulty in printing from your iPhone to your printer or you have any confusion in following any of the aforesaid steps, kindly contact us on our Toll-Free Number Support Canon Printer .

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