Do Ink Cartridges Expire?

Checking Expiry Of Ink Cartridge Printer

Buying an ink cartridge is a simple task. However, you should be aware to check its expiry date before you pay for it. We have some points that you should be aware of when buying an ink cartridge:

Ink Cartridges Expire

  1. Usually, the shelf life of every cartridge is one and a half years from the date of manufacture. After this, the cartridge might not work properly. The date is mentioned on the side of the printer cartridge or on the side of the cartridge box.
  2. The basis of this expiry date is that the ink is used over time. In case it doesn’t, then it might become sludge instead of liquid. This can clog your printer.
  3. Sometimes, the cartridge has a warranty date, which indicates that there is no guarantee of the ink beyond that date. You should not confuse the warranty date with the expiry date.
  4. Remember, expiry date of an ink cartridge is not an exact date. Many cartridges function properlylong even after their expiry date.

So, just keep these things in mind and have your printer function well for long. In case it doesn’t we are at your service.

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