Do HP Printers Have AirPrint?

Do HP Printers Have AirPrint?

Is HP Printer Having AirPrint Option?

AirPrint is a special feature available on all the iOS devices enabling them to print directly on the AirPrint compatible printers. Actually, HP Printers do not have AirPrint as it’s an exclusive feature available to the Apple devices but they do support AirPrint. In fact, all the HP Devices post-2010 have AirPrint compatibility.

HP Printers Have AirPrint

There are only two prerequisites for printing via AirPrint:

  • The Apple device must have iOS 4.2 or later
  • The HP printer must be AirPrint compatible. (2010 or later devices are AirPrint compatible)

If the aforesaid two conditions are fulfilled then it’s very easy printing via AirPrint. All you need to do is to connect the printer and the Apple device to the same wireless network. Once this is done just share the document that you want to print, select the print option, select the printer and done. The print comes from the printer. Such a hassle-free mode of printing.

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