Do Epson Printers Have AirPrint?

Is AirPrint Available With Epson Printer ?

Are you wondering if Epson printers have AirPrint technology? Well, the good news is that, yes they do. AirPrint is a wonderful technology that allows you to print without the need of downloading any printer drivers. The technology functions wirelessly and requires AirPrint enabled printers. Following is the list of the Epson printers that boast AirPrint technology:

  • Epson Artisan 730 and Epson Artisan 837
  • Starting from Epson EP 306 to Epson EP-M570T, this series is AirPrint compatible.
  • Epson’s ET printer series also has a good variety of AirPrint technology compatible printers. They range from Epson ET-2550 to Epson ET-8700.
  • In the Epson’s EW series there are four compatible printers. They are- Epson EW-M571T, Epson EW-M660FT, Epson EW-M670FT, Epson EW-M970A3T, and Epson EW-M770T.
  • Epson ME OFFICE 940FW and Epson ME-401are also compatible.
  • Epson PF-70, Epson PF-71, and Epson PF-81 also make the list along with Epson PM-400, Epson PM-40, Epson PM-520, and Epson PM-525.
  • Most of the Epson’s L, PX, WP, XP, WF, PX, SureColor, WF and stylus series are AirPrint compatible printers.

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