Dell Printer Error Code and Messages

Dell Printer Error & Warning Messages

When your Dell Printer gets down with any error, it can become a daunting situation, especially when you are under work pressure. Therefore it is a wise idea to have an overall idea about what are these errors. This knowledge helps you to maintain your Dell Printer for a long run- error free.

In this article we will back you up with interesting insights on ‘Dell Printer Error Code and Messages.’

Types of Dell Printer Error Codes

There are a certain ‘types’ of errors that your Dell Printer faces. let us begin with looking at the four categories in which these errors are divided:

1. Hardware Error Codes:

There are two types of diagnostics built into your Dell printer, namely:

  • Pre Boot System Assessment aka ‘PSA.’
  • Enhanced Pre Boot System Assessment aka ‘ePSA.’

These two built in diagnostics create the general hardware error codes in your Dell printer.

2. Windows Error Codes:

These are the errors that are generated by the Windows present in your Computer. They are also referred to as ‘Blue Screen Errors’, because of their appearance- white text is displayed on a blue screen on the screen of your printer.

3. Hard Drive Error Code:

The diagnostic capability in your system aka S.M.A.R.T which stand for ‘Self’ ‘Monitoring’ ‘Analysis’ and ‘Reporting’ ‘Technology’, often checks the system for any issues such as pending jobs, faulty software, reports on failure etc. Therefore the S.M.A.R.T generates the errors.

4. Printer Error Codes:

Your Dell Printer comes with an built in diagnostics. This built in diagnostics generates errors when there is any faultiness in the functioning of your printer or in the presence of any corrupt command or software or faulty drive.

Ways to handle Dell Printer Error Code and Messages

Here we will look at some simple troubleshooting ways on resolving the above mentioned four types of errors that your Dell Printer encounters. Please make sure that you follow the given steps in the right order. So let us get started!

Hardware Error Codes:

When you identify an error as Hardware Error Code, please follow these steps to resolve them:

  • Using the Dell diagnostics is the best way to identify the core of the error.
  • There are two types of Dell Diagnostics i.e.
  1. Dell Online Diagnostics and Troubleshooting methods.
  2. Built in Diagnostics. (ePSA and PSA)
  • You can refer to Dell official website for more details on how to use these diagnostic tools to resolve the Hardware errors.

Windows error codes:

You can deal with the Dell Windows errors with the help of online diagnostic tool. There are distinct troubleshooting methods provided online based on the operating system. They cover issues such as:

  • NTFS File System.
  • System Thread Expedition
  • Thread stuck in the device driver
  • Bad pool header

You will find much more details on many more dell printer Windows related errors on the website.

Hard Drive Error Code:

In most cases S.M.A.R.T guides you to perform an on screen guided step by step diagnostics and troubleshooting measures.

Printer Error Codes:

These errors vary based on the printer model. User manual and Dell’s online support section comes in handy to resolve such errors.

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