Can You Print from Your Smartphone?

Print On Printer Using Smartphone

Ever wondered if you can print from your Smartphone? Wouldn’t it be a very convenient option; since we spend majority of our virtual world’s time on these Smartphones? Well, the answer is yes, you can. You can print from your Smartphone, be it an android phone or an iPhone.

Below we have mentioned the ways you can take a print out using your smart phone:

Solution 1:

If you are using any i-Device (such as iPad, iPhone, Mac etc) you can use AirPrint technology that will enable you to print wirelessly over a shared internet network. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Chose the document to be printed.
  • Chose the printer (if you are using the phone for first time for printing.)
  • Click ‘Print.’

Solution 2:

If your Smartphone runs older than 4.4 version then also you can print wirelessly with the help of Google Print Cloud.

Solution 3:

You can also take a print out from your Smartphone by connecting it directly to the computer and open the print document in the PC.

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