Brother Printer Error ts-05

Brother Printer Error TS-05

Brother printers are smart printers that rather help you to figure out the underlying issues rather than getting stuck and thus creating issues for you. They indicate at the error in the form of a coded language and each Brother Printer Error can be resolved by following certain troubleshooting methods.

No, you don’t always have to reach out to an IT technician. You can sort out the errors on your own. This article is especially written to power you up with troubleshooting methods for the error- ‘Brother Printer error ts-05.’

Brother Printer Error Code TS-05 Causes

Reasons behind Brother Printer Error ts-05

Brother Printer Error ts-05

This error shows up when your printer is not able to connect to the WLAN network. This can happen due to the following reasons:

  • An incorrect SSID name can be the reason.
  • An incorrect network key can be another reason behind this error.
  • When your router uses WEP encryption with multiple WEP keys, it is possible that your Brother printer doesn’t get the first WEP key- which is mandatory for your machine.

How To Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code TS-05

How to fix this error

In order to fix this error, follow the given troubleshooting methods. Please follow them in the order mentioned below:

Quick Fix 1

Sometimes the wireless communication between your PC and your Brother printer is disturbed due to the type of WLAN access point which is used at that moment. The multiple SSID is great but it interferes with your Brother printer access to the network, because your Brother printer only uses WEP key 1 to establish a connection. Follow the given steps to sort out the matter:

  • Multiple SSIDs lead to allotting different SSIDs to all the devices that are connected over a network. Thus your Brother printer and your PC get different SSID, which hampers the communication between them.
  • In order to resolve the matter you need to configure your PC and your Brother printer’s wireless SSID details and make sure it matches with the SSID of your WLAN access point or the router.

Quick Fix 2

Another reason is Privacy Separator. Although it is a good feature that protects your router or WLAN access point from getting encroached by multiple devices; but at the same time, it also prevents your Brother machine from getting an access to the network. So, to resolve the error please d the following:

  • Open the WLAN access point or the Router’s settings.
  • In the Privacy Separator window, disable this feature to connect your Brother printer.

Quick Fix 3

This solution is for the Mac users. If you are using the Mac Address filtering option, you are unknowingly preventing your Brother printer too from connecting to the WLAN access point or the router. In order to resolve the issue, please follow the below mentioned instructions:

  • Please configure the Mac address of your Brother printer.

Quick Fix 4:

Other methods of solving the issue are:

  • Assign static IP address to your PC and the Brother printer. Ensure they are same.
  • Configure your Brother printer with the help of Wi-Fi protected Setup or AOSS.
  • Configure your printer manually with the help of Network Name and the network key.

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