Brother Printer Error af

Brother Printer Error Code ‘AF’

Paper is an obvious part of any printer. But surprisingly it can be a tricky part too, as it can lead to printer errors. One such error is ‘Brother Printer error af.’ Yes, it is a coded error message and interpreting it can be daunting for a non technical person. But then, why worry? What are we here for?! In this article we aim to back you up with troubleshooting methods so that you can resolve this error within minutes and that too on your own. So let us see how:

Brother Printer Error af

Brother Printer Error Code AF Causes

So what is ‘Brother Printer error af’ all about?

Understanding the reason behind an error is an intelligent move. It helps you to troubleshoot in a wholesome way and allows you to handle your printer in a much better way for the future use. So without wasting any time, let us understand the reasons that cause Brother Printer Error af error:

  • When paper gets jammed between the fuser rollers of your printer, it can lead to this error.
  • Sometimes the mechanical malfunction in the printer can also make this error crop up.

Let us figure out the ways to resolve the error:

Below you will find a few troubleshooting methods that can resolve the issue for you. Please make sure you follow the given instructions in the order mentioned below:

How To Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code Af

Quick fix 1:

Let us try a simple power cycle to resolve this error. Follow the given steps:

  • Switch off your Brother printer by pressing the power button.
  • Now remove the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Give your printer a waiting time of ten seconds.

Note: Don’t worry about the fax retaining memory of your Brother printer. The memory can remain intact for up to sixty hours of keeping your printer switched off.

  • Power it back again.
  • Give your printer a while to sort out its internal functions. Wait till the LCD of your printer shows ‘Ready’, before you start using it.

The above steps should resolve the error.

Quick fix 2:

If the error still persists then the issue is with the mechanical functioning of your Brother printer. If you wish to transfer the faxes that are in your current Brother printer’s memory, then you can do so in the following ways:

  • Press ‘Menu.’
  • Press 9, 0, and 1.
  • The LCD will now show the status of the faxes in the machine’s memory. If there are no faxes, it will show- ‘No Data.’
  • If there are faxes in the memory then follow these steps to transfer them to another Fax Machine:
  1. Feed the Fax number where you wish to send the faxes.
  2. Press black start.
  3. Install the MFL Pro Suite on your PC.
  4. Turn on PC Fax Receiving.
  5. Select STOP.
  6. Press menu.
  7. Click 2 for Fax, 5 for Remote Fax Opt, and 1 for Fwd/Page/Store option.
  8. Select PC Fax Receive.
  9. Select OK.
  10. You will now be asked if you wish to transfer a fax to your PC.
  11. In order to transfer all the faxes, please press ‘1.’

Note: If your machine is within warranty and the problem keeps on persisting, you can contact Brother Customer services for replacement of the faulty machine parts.

The Scope of Service:

We hope that this comprehensive article has given you good insight on resolving the common errors. If you need any further support feel free to contact us at Printer Support Phone Number:

  • Call us at Technical Support For Printer
  • You can chat with us live at anytime as per your comfort.

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