Brother Printer Error And Drum Light Blinking

Error Drum Light Blinking Brother Printer

Brother printers are long running devices. They just need a few good technical habits from you to provide you with a constant premium performance. On certain occasions there can be issues with the drum unit of the machine. You can resolve the matter with the help of simple troubleshooting ways. No, you don’t need to run to any IT technician, because you yourself can handle it. Don’t believe us? See it yourself by going through this article about ‘Brother Printer Drum Light Blinking Error.’

Brother Printer Drum Light Blinking Error

Brother Printer Error Drum Light Blinking Causes

So what is this error all about?

Before you jump into troubleshooting methods, first try and understand the reasons that caused this error. Why? Because it will help you tackle the troubleshooting at a much deeper level. You will also gain an understanding on maintaining a good health of your printer for a long run. So let us look at the reasons:

  • Gradual wear and tear of the drum unit can cause this error.
  • Incorrect setting of the drum counter.
  • Exhausted toner cartridge can also be another reason behind this error.

How to solve Brother Printer Error Drum Light Blinking?

Let us fix the error- ‘Brother printer error and drum light blinking’:

Below are given a few methods to resolve Brother Printer Error. Please make sure you follow the given instructs in the exact order as mentioned here:

Quick Fix 1:

Let us first try to reset the drum counter. Please follow the below mentioned instructions carefully:

Warning: A reset for the Drum counter is ONLY required when you replace the drum unit. If you will anyhow perform the reset, then you will not be able see to see the exact remaining life of the drum unit.

  • Ensure that your Brother Printer is switched on.
  • Press the front cover to release the cover to open it.
  • Now you need to press and hold the ‘Go’ button on the control panel of your printer for at least five seconds.
  • You will see all the LED lights get lit up.
  • Once you see all the lights lit up, now release the ‘Go’ button.
  • Carefully close the front cover while making sure that the Drum LED has gone off.


  • Please use genuine Brother Printer toner cartridges and drum unit to ensure a smooth functioning of your printer.
  • Brother Printer warranty does not cover any problems caused due to the usage of third party toner cartridges or drum unit.

Quick Fix 2:

If your Brother printer continues to show errors related to toner cartridges such as: ‘Low toner cartridge’, or ‘Replace Toner’, or ‘Toner Ended’; then please follow these instructions to resolve the matter:

  • There are separate consumable toner cartridge and the drum unit. So when you replace the consumable parts, ensure that you don’t replace the wrong one.
  • Keep these following points in your mind while replacing a new toner cartridge:
  1. Use a brand new toner cartridge.
  2. Use genuine Brother Toner cartridge.
  3. Do not try swapping partially used toner cartridges of any other machine with your Brother printer, as it may not resolve the error.
  • Install the toner cartridge correctly. As a sign when you install the toner cartridge correctly the green lever lifts up with a click.

Quick Fix 3:

Make sure you are using the latest firmware in your printer. You can easily download it from the official Brother website.

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